Me Me Me

Me Me Me - student project

Hello ppl, I am so glad for taking this class. Thank you so much, Ryan. I always wanted to make my avatar. 

The reference picture to my avatar is a selfie taken on my vocation.

At first, I started drawing my face shape in Adobe Illustrator. I had little trouble starting directly. So I made a rough sketch of me in a paper and started working on it digitally. The first digital drawing I made does not look like me, even my rough sketch does not look like me either :P. I could see a character of me in it though. That is where I started looking for details. Observed the shape of my face, looked at my hair, my nose shape, and things like that.

Me Me Me - image 1 - student project

I was driven to add more and more details. But kept reminding myself to keep in simple.

I was looking straight in the picture, but throughout the process, my drawing was looking left. I kinda liked it so kept it that way. 

To make it more interesting, I made the glasses a little bit big. Made a simple hair, blush on the cheeks with a big smile (I didn't smile that much in the original pic, haha!). Added just the peter pan collar of my dress and made a background. 

I kept on refining. Finally, I am totally impressed with how it turned out. Hurray!

Me Me Me - image 2 - student project