Me A Superlearner?

If this course will help me read faster and retain information into my long term memory, I will write the the biggist thank you later you've ever seen. Im an art student and I have to learn a good amount of information in order to be successful at my craft, however I believe I have ADD when it comes to reading the reading the material and understanding the knowledge given. to me by instructors and mentors. I also need to boost my creative side. In fact, if I'm able to tap into my creative side at will, theirs no telling what I could come up with visually. But my hate for understanding my foundation is so great to where I lose interest very quickly and lose sight of the bigger picture, making no progress in the making. Lacking patience is an issue because of expecting fast results in a matter of weeks will not work for me. Currently, I'm in a hole and want to get out of that hole of frustration.

Goals of 2016

  1. Within 2016 My goal is to improve both the amount of human anatomy and drawing foundation needed to draw with a deeper understanding, and also the ability to retain the vocabulary and words of the human body. It takes me as much time to understand foundation so I could get to the fun stuff.
  2. All of the art books I've bought and need to read is another goal I have in order to reapply for school.
  3. I also am wanting to read faster like 800wpm fast, because I tend to lose interest if it takes a long time to finish a book and recall the material.
  4. I also hope to be less directionally challenged and memorize the rules of perspective since perspective is a very boring subject to me, but its a must for every artist
  5. I also hope to increase boost my creative side of things.


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