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McPancakes vs Characters in Motion

UPDATED for Step 4: Your Character in a Scene

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! I'm so sorry I was away for so long! I would blame the holidays, but it was just me playing GTA V :D

So: this part really helped with character perspective. I've still got a ways to go, but I really need the practise (and critique!!)

Here's some old pieces of characters in a scene:

Dead Space! this one killed me

But after the vids (and all those hours playing GTA) I sketched out this baby!

I'm still learning how to draw shapes (and cars) and proper perspective, so any bit of advice really helps!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and New Years!


UPDATED for Step 3: Drawing Convincing Facial Expressions

Okay! Here's my notes for the second class:

Sorry for the bad quality! I think for the next segment I'm gonna switch over to my cintiq (so it'll be cleaner haha)

And the homework I kinda jumbled it together and studied Jim Carrey because my god that is amazing expressions how did I not think of that before haha


Since the quality is so shitty I inked them... and man do I need to learn my shapes! I better go practise some more!! 


Critiques, please! I can't learn without them <3


Allo! I'm Patty McPancakes! I hope I'm doing this right...

I'll be using Bristol paper with some Derwent pencils for this class:

Here's the first class's notes and homework! 



 I could REALLY use some help on this perspective deal! Does anyone have other tutorials or posts on where I can study more?

And here's the first class' homework!


I'm taking a dynamics class as well as an entry... so I couldn't resist :D

Pose References:

Rock Lee Naruto

Might Guy

Characters are from the anime series Naruto. Please critique! I want to be able to do a better job for the next batch of homework :D


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