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McNealy Family Crest


The Mcnealy name per the original Gaelic form is "Mac" which derived from the word "Faligheach" means poor man. During the Middle Ages the spelling of  McNealy had different names. 

Irish names were rarely spelled consistently in the Middle Ages. Spelling variations of the name McNealy dating from that time include McNally, McAnully, McAnalley, McAnally and others.

First found in counties Armagh and Monaghan (Irish: Muineachán) located in the Northern part of the Republic of Ireland in the province of Ulster, where they held a family seat from ancient times.

The 19th century saw a great wave of Irish families leaving Ireland for the distant shores of North America and Australia. These families often left their homeland hungry, penniless, and destitute do to the policies of England. Those Irish immigrants that survived the long sea passage initially settled on the eastern seaboard of the continent. Some, however, moved north to a then infant Canada as United Empire Loyalists after ironically serving with the English in the American War of Independence. Others that remained in America later joined the westward migration in search of land. The greatest influx of Irish immigrants, though, came to North America during the Great Potato Famine of the late 1840s. Thousands left Ireland at this time for North America, and those who arrived were immediately put to work building railroads, coal mines, bridges, and canals. In fact, the foundations of today's powerful nations of the United Sates and Canada were to a larger degree built by the Irish. Archival documents indicate that members of the McNealy family relocated to North American shores quite early:

McNealy Settlers in the United States in the 18th Century

  • Jos McNealy, who landed in Mississippi in 1798

McNealy Settlers in the United States in the 19th Century

  • Andrew McNealy, who arrived in Washington County, Pennsylvania in 1818
  • Mrs. McNealy, aged 58, who emigrated to the United States, in 1893

McNealy Settlers in the United States in the 20th Century

  • Millie McNealy, aged 38, who landed in America, in 1903
  • A. D. McNealy, aged 40, who emigrated to America, in 1903
  • Esther McNealy, aged 1, who landed in America, in 1908
  • Margaret McNealy, aged 24, who landed in America from Cloughbrook, Ireland, in 1908
  • Marie McNealy, aged 24, who settled in America, in 1908

Above is the early history of the McNealy family migrations from Ireland to the states, and the McNealy Family Crest. This family crest represents modern and old school McNealy family heritage. Our family lived on a dirt road on one block of the street.  My grandmother had a vegeatable garden, and she made moon shine on occasion (peach moon shine in old scholl mason jars). Her brother, my uncle lived acrossed the street who grew fruit (watermelon and plums).  

Another brother lived approximately one hundred yards away on the same side of the road. He was responsible for all the meat, and corn.  Their mother which is my great grandmother lived on the same side of the street however further from all her siblings. My great grandmother grew potatoes and corn in her fields.  So inside the shield represents a few farming items. 

As for the sord and knight helmet, the McNealy Family Crest depicted a dagger so the swords are small daggers. The Knight was the center piece of the McNealy Family Crest. 

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