McNab Style Tartan

McNab Style Tartan - student project

Started with the McNab Ancient tartan as my reference.  (Family tartan!)

Here's my version using the excellent techniques given in this tutorial.  I have made plaids before but that "added twill" layering at the end to fill in the twill pattern on the solid color areas really took it up a notch!  I did use the final blotching layers to practice achieving the effect but I probably would not use it on mockups for new products.  Of course I can now use it for other texturing projects!

Great class.  Thanks Helen.

McNab Style Tartan - image 1 - student project

Below I tried a mockup on a M Kors Tote bag.  First applied the design on the bias.  After adding a gradient background and a drop shadow & bevel/emboss on the bag,  I experimented with blending modes on the design.   "Color burn" had the effect of the material being a printed leather vs. fabric. Fun!

McNab Style Tartan - image 2 - student project

And here's a pillow....

McNab Style Tartan - image 3 - student project