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Mazzoleni Family Crest


For this crest I fought with the idea of trying to incorporate both my and my wife, Melissa's family.  After playing around for a while, I found out that while both our families originate from Italy, the similarities ended there.  So I decided to focus on the family that my wife and I are forming together.

Melissa and I started seeing each other nearly seven years ago having our first date (a blind date) at a local restaurant that specialized in gourmet grilled cheese.  For this reason we tend to celebrate the anniversary of our first date by making grilled cheese and having a fun night enjoying each other’s company.

The most recent addition to Ohio branch of the Mazzoleni Family is our dog, Reggie.  She's a total blast to have around and is full of personally. As a thought about what traits I wanted our crest to represent, I realized that Reggie embodied a lot of the qualities I felt were important like love, loyalty, and joy and excitement for the little things in everyday life. Thus, the perfect mascot was established.

Our crest's hero, Reggie


While reaching crests online, I couldn't really find anything that caused spark for me, so I took a step back and tried to think of things similar to crests that might wield better results for me.  That's when it dawned on me to check out patches and merit badges.  Jackpot!

Little White Lies Patches by MUTI

Pennsylvania Patch Coalition by Caleb Heisey


For my crest I wanted to steer clear of basic shield shapes and ivy vines other than that I just wanted to build a design that contained a grilled cheese (how we met) and our good old family mascot, Reggie. Here's where I netted out:

Then once I had the final graphic, I explored different color options, exploring Pinterest for color combinations I liked.

This one was my favorite:

Thanks for checking this project out and thanks to Aaron Draplin for putting together a great workshop! It was a lot of fun.


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