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Mazda, 2015 MX-5, Test Drives

Client/ Brand: Mazda USA
Offer: 2015 MX-5 Test Drives
Version Date: Oct 22, 2014
Client Lead Contact: xx
Creative Lead Contact: Wayne Adams
The Goals 
What are the Conversion Goals - visitors to site, sales, social metrics
  • The client wants to have people sign up for a test drives of the new 2015 MX-5
What are the Branding Goals - brand awareness, brand purchase intent goals 
  • The client wants to increase brand engagement. They want the brand to be approachable. 
The Insight
Who is the Target Customer - demographics, psychographics, customer persona stories
  • The target customer is a male aged 25 - 44. He is always looking for a fun drive, a get away. He wants every drive, every day to be enjoyable. He has participated in a couple of autocross events in his daily-driver, weekend-warrior car.
Who is the Client's Competition? - similar offers, similar value propositions
  • The client's direct competition with similar offers are other auto manufactures with sports cars
  • The Client's indirect competition with similar value propositions are
  • - - - Experience = go kart tracks, amusement parks
  • - - - End Value = vacations, home improvements
The Creative
What is the Unique Value Proposition? - benefits in the customer's own words
  • In the customer's mind, he thinks, "This was a fun experience. I was one the first of my friends and fellow autocrosses to try out the new MX-5."
What is the Brand Voice? - client mission statement, visual and messaging directives
  • Images = red car, match tone and coloring with existing Mazda USA ads
  • Copy = open
  • In the client's mind, they think, "A Mazda is the embodiment of the dynamic beauty of life. A Mazda carries the soul of motion." 
What is the Tone of Voice? - customer specific
  • When the customer talks about the offer, he'll be excited to share. It will be a new, fresh experience that he shares. He'll be speaking about an exclusive adventure.
The Strategy
What is the immediate value we are offering in return for their immediate action? - reasons this customer would or would not take action
  • Give them acces to the new MX-5 before anyone else
  • - - - In exchange for contact information (name, email).
What is the path to the goal? - lead with digital, lead with print
  • End goal
  • - - - Digital
  • - - - Online form with Name, Email
  • Start point
  • - - - Print ad with a CTA directing to to sign up
Are we looking to interrupt with advertising or build relationships? - direct marketing, story engagement
  • Direct marketing
The Deliverables
What are the Assets? - print ads, digital ads, videos, ebooks
  • Print ad (8.5" x 11"), for a magzine
What are the Milestones? - pre-launch creative review, post-launch optimization review
  • xx



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