Maynooth | Project 1-3

Maynooth | Project 1-3 - student project

Project 1

Creating wireframe for Homepage and Contact Us page.

Maynooth | Project 1-3 - image 1 - student project

Maynooth | Project 1-3 - image 2 - student project


Project 2

Prototyping interactions between pages.

I'm not a huge fan of modals as a user, so I'm choosing not to make some here ;)

Maynooth | Project 1-3 - image 3 - student project


Project 3

Prototyping Living Room page, using components for the header, footer and left nav bar, and grids to duplicate the product card.

Adding two blocks at the end to redirect to other products' categories.


Prototyping Product page, using grids capabilities for the Reviews section.


And here are all the interactions between pages.