Mayer Hawthorne Poster Design

Mayer Hawthorne Poster Design - student project

Okay, I know I'm INCREDIBLY late to the party, but I just wanted to share my ideas before I forgot to post them yet again...

As a kid I was forced to listen to the oldies stations when I was in riding in the car with my family. Eventually I grew fond of those hits, particularly Motown & soul. I still love that era of music, and I was so stoked when emerging artists like Mayer Hawthorne have embraced the retro soul genre, and are keeping it fresh.

I drew a lot of inspiration from their latest album, How Do You Do. The entire album has a soulful, playful, and sexy vibe to it, which is what I wanted to play off of when I thought of my concepts.

Mayer Hawthorne Poster Design - image 1 - student project

A look that is iconic with MH are his glasses, so I thought I'd incorporate them with this first concept. I wanted to try to play off the idea of the little angel/devil on your shoulders, influencing your decision making process. They would both be illustrated as sexy women, helping make even the bad decisions seem appealing. The angel would be in blue tones, and the devil in red, to play up the contrast even more.

Mayer Hawthorne Poster Design - image 2 - student project

This 2nd idea continues with the sexy & playful theme. I had the poster for The Graduate in my head when sketching this one up. I like this one, but I'm not sure how I would handle the typography when we get to it. MH is seen in the background walking through the door, and I'd make sure to highlight key looks like his glasses, undone bow tie, etc.

Mayer Hawthorne Poster Design - image 3 - student project

The 3rd idea removes MH as part of the image, making it feel a bit more abstract. Going back to the angel/devil idea from the 1st concept, the two would be illustrated attractively, but not going so far that it feels pornographic & tasteless. I was thinking of hand drawing the type in a script style font.

Anyhoo, I hope to be more timely with future posts, but with balancing school/work/internship/breathing it might be a bit of a task. Thanks for stopping by!