Maybe this time?

Everything said in this first class seems so simple, yet feels so difficult to make a habit. There were three techniques mentioned that really jumped out for me. I think all of these I already knew about, to some extend, and tried out for my self. But somewhere along the way it slumped and I lost them. Maybe this time they'll stick?

Firstly the Zaigarnik Effect."We are prone to distraction by future tasks, rather than the task at hand" I'm always in my head thinking about all the things I still have to do. So using the braindump technique consistently might be a great anser for that!

Secondly meditation. A while back I consistently meditated a few minutes every day. This was a great reminder that I should pick that up again. Also the story about taking a walk every day without any stimuly from music or anything just to think and sort things out realy stuck with me. (I know this could be seen as the exact opposite of meditation, but they do very much overlap)

Lastly the use of a timer to set a time you 'have' to be productive and ignore any distractions. I'll definitely give that one a try.


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