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Maybe kitties, maybe not

Ok, this was way harder than it looks like.  I'm fine painting realistic objects, particularly flowers, but I'm having a lot of problem to paint loose and it is for me the real essence of watercolour.

My results are a reflexion of my project title, it is hard to see what I intented to paint.  I know I will need a lot of practice to achieve a decent kitty, not even trying for a cute one ahaha! 

On cover, it is my reference photo.  No need to say that I achieved nothing that look even a bit alike.

First try..


Colours are too dark, I lost all white in the eyes and it seems I used too much water but not sure about this... I gave up without doing any fine tuning.

Second try...


I managed to preserve the eyes and some fur stripes, I like the ears but they are a little too messy.  It looks more like a fox than a cat but I think it is a bit better.. not much lol..

Third try, the catastrophy


I decided to observe and do the eyes as in the video.  They are not too bad but the rest of it is a huge mess.  too much salt? colours look faded and very weak. 

Now, what can I do to improve? what am I doing wrong so I end up with muddy colours? I'm very puzzled by loose painting and I want to get better results.


I didn't do anything new but re worked the second painting a bit.  here is what it looks like at the moment


Can't wait to have a little more time to try again and make one real cute lol!


Another try with this salt as texure for fur but this time it was more feathers than hair, so here is my


His eyes aren't very clear but owls have dark eyes with some yellow around but I lost the yellow with the green running in.  He looks pretty scary LOL.


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