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Maybe Always Means Yes (According to my 10 yr old)

Not making a whole lot of progress here. Probably won't meet the deadline, but I WILL finish it.

I realized by the time I got to the E in "Maybe" that I should use open circles rather than the feel of lights. "Yes" looks kinda wonky now that I see it here - need to work on that. I want that to look like neon. I think that will have to be done in the color process, but since I'm not there yet, I don't really know.  A lot of things aren't centered, but that will get fixed later. The shadows for "Maybe" will be for the boxes, not the letters, because it's like the letters are painted on individual boxes.



The quote I chose is by my 10 year old daughter Amelia. It's a running joke in our family. On one occasion when my husband responded to one of her requests with "Maybe." She said, "Maybe always mean yes. Like, 'Did you pee in the pool?'...'Maybe.'"

I'm thinking Maybe Always Means Yes will be the main focus, and the second part, which is a punch line of sorts, will be the "fine print".

My idea for the look of the project is vintage swimming pool signs. Researching these has led me to letter styles and imagery reflecting Palm Springs as well. 

I haven't successfully found the time to put anything on paper yet.

About me...former CPA, but wish I'd never gone in that direction. NO artistic or design training (as will be evident).









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