Mayan Art

Mayan Art - student project

I don't really have goals at the moment. Other than wanting to be able to make $500 on a monthly basis. This would allow me and my wife to be able to keep up with all the bills. 

My name is Jeff. I recently got into woodworking. I started by making a macuahuitl (mesoamerican sword) and then I engraved it with Mayan and Aztec art. I just wanted to do this as self-care, I was always creative and I had a friend teach me how to make the sword. I just wanted to both have this as a symbol of my resilience and a celebration of my roots.  

Well, my friends and wife thought I was very good, this made me believe that I was good. And with convincing from my wife, I started an Etsy store called Jeff's Mayan Art

I would really love it if my store in 5 years could starting making $5,000 a month. I guess that is a goal, right?