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Freelance Illustrator and Linguist



May calendar days zine

After some consideration of what to make the zine about and a few rejected ideas (because I found myself stuck in how to develop them into a zine) I finally decided on a zine about days of a month. There is this awesome website which collects all sorts of funny, weird days and celebrations - And I've been inspired to create illustrations or drawings based on some of the days. And I've been wanting to make something bigger out of it. So why not a zine? And since it's May, I chose to include days of May.

I didn't include all the days in May mentioned in the website, because there are too many to fit into a single sheet zine! I selected several of the fun and weird ones. You might now at least a couple of them. I also chose a limited colour palette of grey, yellow and violet. It's probably my first work using limited colours but it turned out pretty well, in my opinion.







Thanks Kate! That was a fun project and I really enjoyed creating the zine. I already have a few ideas on more zines.


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