May 3-31 - Create a Daily Art Practice workshop

May 3-31 - Create a Daily Art Practice workshop - student project

I gave up art several decades ago. I would try to pick it back up here and there, but I would get upset and frustrated with how low quality it was and give up again. I defaulted to crafts with patterns or molds, where I did not have to be all that creative to get a finished project.
Last month I decided I was going to do Acrylic April, but I landed on my butt for that as well because I kept expecting perfection from a skill I had not even attempted in about 30 years.
I saw an ad for Skillshare and said what the heck? I decided because I gave up on Acrylic April that I was going to see this workshop through, good AND bad. Here goes...

Day 1 - Journey - May 3, 2021:

My dog passed away at the end of January. Her journey to the afterlife is the first thing that came to my mind, but I am honestly pretty mad at my brain for going there.
I tried like hell to think of ANYTHING else, but my brain wasn't having it. I drew one piece with markers and hated it, so I decided to break out my watercolors and try again. This is better, but it's still not great. I like how I got her wonky ears into the silhouette and I like how the transition of the grass ended.May 3-31 - Create a Daily Art Practice workshop - image 1 - student project



Day 2 - Cloudwatching - May 4, 2021:

Okay. This is weird. I updated my project with cloudwatching yesterday, and it didn't save. :( I tried adding it again today, and it's still not saving even though when I press Publish the button greys out. I guess I need to save all my text into a document on my computer in case this happens again, because I don't recall what I wrote last night! Anyway. Here's the scribble inset with the final result. I really enjoy using colors.
May 3-31 - Create a Daily Art Practice workshop - image 2 - student project 

Day 3 - Feelin' a bit slow - May 5, 2021:

I think I psyched myself out about this one too much over the last week or so. I sat down and meditated for about 20 minutes before I decided to tackle it, avoided it for another 10, then made myself "just do it" and STILL got frustrated all to heck. I started with just the grayscale markers and hated it. So then I decided a little color might help? Wrong. My marker experience is also about 30 years old, and I flubbed it up. I set a timer so that I would not agonize over it all night, and this was the result. I hate it. But I did it. I am thankful the markers didn't bleed all over with the slow stokes. It was a fear of mine because I didn't use the best paper for this. If I had to say one nice thing about it, I think the proportions on the head aren't bad. That's stretching my kindness towards this piece though.

May 3-31 - Create a Daily Art Practice workshop - image 3 - student project


Day 4 - Shake it up! - May 6, 2021:

I wasn't really feeling this one either. I don't like having to monitor what my "speed" is when creating. I don't like feeling rushed or feeling drawn out. I just want to do things at whatever speed my hands and brain decide works for them in the moment. I probably missed the point of the prompt. I watched this one three times and was left with a giant ? over my head.
I am also generally not feeling creative. An email reminder came in today for one my dog's favorite treats that went out of stock around this time last year? So when I got this "in stock" email, everything went downhill from there. I do the workshop after the day job and I just feel sort of flat right now. I told myself I would do these prompts, but I did NOT want to today. But I showed up. I tried. I pulled out some water soluble crayons and some acrylic paints and made a mess. May 3-31 - Create a Daily Art Practice workshop - image 4 - student project

Day 5 - Metamorphosis (+negative space) - May 7, 2021

I rarely draw backgrounds, and my default is "slap it in the middle of the page" which is what I did once again. I do not really grasp the abstract examples the teacher supplies, so I never know whether I am following the assignment criteria. But I am showing up. Even when I do not know what in the world I am doing. Tadpole not anatomically correct. This was just my best general memory of what a tadpole in transition to frog looks like, with likely fantastical colors. I feel like tadpoles are less colorful than their froggy final forms for safety/survival purposes. Pulled my Derwent Inktense pencils out for this one. (I have been finding all sorts of art supplies I forgot I had!)

I am not looking forward to tomorrow's full page assignment because I struggled all day trying to decide what to do with the word metamorphosis. :(May 3-31 - Create a Daily Art Practice workshop - image 5 - student project

Day 6 - Metamorphosis #2 (+full page) - May 8, 2021:

I phoned it in on this one. Had a sleepless night and a rough day. I did not care very much about what came of this one. I might change my mind later, but for now I am moving on from this prompt. I'll do better tomorrow.May 3-31 - Create a Daily Art Practice workshop - image 6 - student project


Day 7 - Crowd of creatures - May 9, 2021:

My first "Crowd of Creatures" was a failure. I was silly and assumed that because a pen was in with my watercolors, it was water safe. I should have tested it. It was actually water soluble ink. I made a complete mess of the first page and got frustrated. I started to run away from the assignment, but I decided to take the inspiration I got from N N's Cloudwatching piece. Splotches of watercolor on paper. (Thank you, N N!) That is what you see here, and I like this better than my first attempt before the ink mistake.
I like the creepy crawly long boi, even though I was initially really frustrated that the yellow, blue, and green splotches ran together. I like the happy red thing, as it looks like it is frolicking on the page. I like the blue betta fishesque creature.
Also, I have no idea why I am always sticking my hand in the inks/paints/etc. I know it's an issue for me, but I still manage to do it 9 times out of 10. Sorry little turtle-lizard thing!

May 3-31 - Create a Daily Art Practice workshop - image 7 - student project

Day 8 - Colors & more colors - May 10, 2021:

At the top is the start of my day. Gloomy from lack of sleep and red from shoulder pain. You can see the morning seeped down into the rest of my day. There was a bright moment where the sun was shining and I was optimistic about what I would get done today at work. Then the swirly blueish bits were my lunch break/escape from work for a bit. Then I came back from work and things went really, really bad. And then I was finally free.... Until it will be time to go back to bed and do it all over again tomorrow.May 3-31 - Create a Daily Art Practice workshop - image 8 - student project


Day 9 - Flatten it out - May 11, 2021:

I feel like ALL of my stuff is flat right now, so I am not sure this assignment is right either. I am starting to wonder if Skillshare is right for me, because I feel like I might need more feedback right now and less "work at my own pace". I don't know. I had another rough night so my mood is completely awful. This is my "stereo" as it were. I got the proportions wrong, but that's not because of the assignment. The machine is supposed to be wider than this, and the portable is tiny in comparison to what is there. The bottles aren't proportioned right either.

I cropped out some textual self-deprecation which is why the top of the page is cut off. I dunno, man. Things just are not good over here right now.May 3-31 - Create a Daily Art Practice workshop - image 9 - student project

Day 10 - Thread - May 12, 2021:

When I saw the prompt and example for Thread, all I could think about is the way my thoughts seem to take off everywhere when I try to go to sleep. This was me trying to depict my brain and all of those thoughts unravel from it. I do crochet and counted cross stitch, so it was sort of like having to frog a project you spent ages on. I tried to get the basic shape of the brain all in one line, and it did not come out quite like I wanted it to. But I can live with this.May 3-31 - Create a Daily Art Practice workshop - image 10 - student project

Day 11 - Transform me - May 13, 2021:

I stared at all my pieces and wasn't sure which one I wanted to "transform" until right about the last minute. The paper I originally drew on was not very watercolor friendly as seen by the warping. But I generally like the idea enough that I might eventually try to turn this into something on proper paper at a later date.

I have also belatedly wondered if I shouldn't have put the newest item on top so people do not have to scroll down to find stuff. I will try to keep that in mind for the second workshop project, as I really do not want to break this one. I do not know or trust the site well enough to attempt that right now.May 3-31 - Create a Daily Art Practice workshop - image 11 - student project


Day 12 - Structure - May 14, 2021:

I cannot keep my hands out of my work. I had pieces of paper AND I grabbed the ruler that was meant for work with ink. I was prepared! But I still dorked it up. Is there a class on keeping your fool hands out of your work so you do not smear it everywhere? :PMay 3-31 - Create a Daily Art Practice workshop - image 12 - student project

Day 13 - Take 2 - May 15, 2021:

I wasn't sure what to do with this, and I think it is actually more of a take 3 than 2. The paint splotches were part of an inspiration from N N's cloudwatching. Which turned into my crowd of creatures piece. Then I threw my thread piece in there. I am not 100% certain I followed the project, but I did enjoy myself for the most part. I am not completely pleased with this one, but it's headed in the right direction for me.May 3-31 - Create a Daily Art Practice workshop - image 13 - student project

Day 14 - Texture - May 16, 2021:

I ended up taking like 12 pictures, and spent the majority of the day agonizing over them. I wish I wasn't so indecisive. This ended up being the back of a roll of "extra" carpet I have in the back room for carpet repairs in the Money Pit of a house I live in. But once I started I realize I wasn't really certain how to render it or what to render it into. Oh well. I am glad I made it to day 14. Nervous about the next 14. See you all there and thank you for your comments and likes. They helped keep me going!May 3-31 - Create a Daily Art Practice workshop - image 14 - student project

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