Mary Konovalova

Crafty Dwarf - toy maker and tankard clinker



May's Magic

Water fuels me and all around me. I'm - the part of nature, so water's universal fuel and rain is celebrating that.


My home's always messy and I'm too a little mess at the moment. I haven't done anything extra to look prettier, and you can see natural look of me and my house.
And no, I don't play that bass guitar, my love is for singing.


I commuted 15 minutes far from home, and it was very cozy experience to be warm and dry while it's raining heavily outside.


My job today is to do nothing. I'm listening to myself and listen to my inner silence. It's easy to feel that silence even at crowded cafe.


Perfect time for a call. This word is common to us all, and it doesn't matter if you call her in Russian, Mama, or in English, Mom. It's perfect time to call her in the evening to tell about your wonderful day.


Bonus pic!

I'm a toymaker and like to kiss my toys when no one's looking. It's the best selfie for a couple of years, definitely. And I love this old-school, almost vintage look that can only be achieved with manual-focus lens (I use old kit lens for Zenith cameras, Industar-50-2).



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