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Maxie's map: "Gardens of the World" in Berlin

Why am I making this map? For fun? A client? a gift? To showcase my favorite places?

When I saw this course offer on Skillshare for the first time, I enjoyed the beautiful maps presented and thought I should give it a try, too. First just for fun - and perhaps this fun can be conveyed  to something useful: A few years ago I started a private website about Berlin and surroundings, which, after the first weeks,  became  dormant rather  soon.  I would like to revive it this year.

And my first map will introduce you to one of my favourite places in Berlin, not far from where I live: The "Gardens of the World".

Why am I the expert to create this map?

No - I am not an expert at all.  And in my bread-and-butter-job I work as a secretary in an industry that is not related to internet/arts/multimedia. This is my hobby. I just like to learn everything I can about multimedia and fine arts.

Who is my target audience? 

For this map (and maybe others in the future) the target audience will be, first of all, my website visitors.

Do I want my final project to be printed or digital? How is it going to be used/ held? What other
constraints do I need to keep in mind moving forward?


“Dear classmates, I need your help/expertise/guidance on how to.....”

We will see. The adventure is just starting. Your honest, critical feedback is always welcome.


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