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Maxie's adventures learning Unity3d - Week 3

Week 3 - Breakout

So glad it is finally done! I did not have much time last week, and then the ball always kept gluing at the ceiling like a pancake. :-)

Here is my webproject.

Update -Week 2

We had a day today here in Germany. Men's Day (well, originally Assumption Day), so I could use the time (anyway, it was rainy) for the lessons of this class.  - By the way: Congratulations to the men here! :-)

This week was already a bit more difficult than the first week, but it was fun again! The project is online on

Fun and success with learning Unity to everybody here,

Best regards,




I am  looking forward to this course so much!  Never thought I would dare to touch Unity3D one day, and I wonder how this adventure will go on. Week 1 was even not too difficult. 

My pictures:

The very first one. 

 I played with camera settings, skybox, lights, materials, later found some other bushes yet in the asset store and added some grass and bushes.

And although it is not my work, because all thanks go to the creator(s) of the Spartan King who have this character  animated and generously give it away for free, I was sort of feeling a bit proud that I could make the Spartan King salutate:

Three questions remaining for this first adventurous week:

1. Can I render pictures of a scene inside the program? (I haven't found this. The pictures are screenshots.)

2. This first animation - so short! - takes some time for loading in the browser. Too long for such a short, simple scene.  Perhaps I missed it in the videos - but could somebody please tell me the best settings for a browser game?

And finally 3rd:

3. Where  is the download link for the game maker? It was said somewhere that it is in the syllabus below on the page, but  I cannot find it.  I looked through the whole class website again and again - I do not see it! Please - can somebody help me?

Wishing you all a nice week-end,

Best regards,



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