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Max Powers

So, this is supposed to be base story for game I'm working on. I decided that this class can help me with unleashing my creativity (and shaping it into good direction). So getting into business: This is story about "regular awesome guy" called Max Powers that lives on the suburbs of some village planet. I want to make it super cheesy, like old comics, Barbarella movie etc. and mix it with psychodelic visuals (climate like in Altered States and ) all with meavy metal music (like in Heavy Metal FAKK movie). This means a lot of busty blonds to save, armies to defeat and bad emeror to stand up against. Lets start then :

Story for game:

once upon a time...

- max powers, super awesome guy living in
- peaceful planet, full of busty girls

and every day....

- rides around in his slider being awesome

until one day...

- sky opens up
- bad army from outer space / different dimmension
- attacks planet and max powers city
- monster soldiers kidnap womens
- and kill everybody else
- they are commanded by bad blackhaired busty woman with whip and latex outfit (and eyepatch)


- patrol town outskirts
- defend your hometown (but you're outnumbered)
- escape from planet
- try to retreat to safe place through space ( but get shoot in the process )

- get lost in unknown sector

- stucks on swamp
- go past the jungle
- then you find lost tribe
- tribe know you will come, from prophecy
- to fight with ultimate evil that comes
- they teleport you to other dimmension of your mind
- this is final test to check if you're the savior
- if you will pass you will get superpower
- otherwise you will die
- you fight with deamons in unrealistic psychodelic scenery
- killing boss deamon teleports you to crowded spaceport , you're back from insanity with new power
- you fight with space scums through the corruptet station, because you need to reach spaceship
- yo gain your ship and rescue local girl in the process
- then escape from space station through space junkyard (after escaping the run)
- catch to jumpgate and escape far away
- now you're ready to fight back with evil that destroys sector after sector



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