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okey so i am Turkish and its hard to explain  my story in English but i will try...

my story is about a devil and his name is Blue he came back to life again after he dies and he was really bad looking boy but in his new body he is really handsome good looking.All girls fall in love with him but you know he is a devil he kiiled 313 girls he takes their soul and puts the bodys inside a forest that only he can see,well this forest is actually Blue's new bodys soul and they connect each other there is a problem with blue he has no feeling but something happened before he killed 313. girl,he was in love with her it was kind of crazy because he is dead inside she just bring the feelings back to life.Blue was feeling weird.when these happening there is a girl in school.Ada,everyone knows her the science-fiction queen.Blue was acting a bit crazy he was angry he started to cant conrtoll his self the devil was too angry to stay inside.Ada was falling in love with him and she was really excited.They met after 2 weeks...

Is Blue going to kill Ada just like other girls and forget 313.girl or Maybe Ada can make BlueDevil a human again...

so thats my story i know my grammar sucks but believe me in Turkish its not like that

my wattpad:sadistmavi0   :)



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