Maverick - student project

This is my dog Maverick. Hes a tough one to shoot becuase of how dark his fur is. I've only been shooting for a few months, so he has gotten real good at dealing with me in his space with a lens, instead of a toy, while I figure out the settings of my camera.

Our house has a bunch of windows flooding the room with light, so I was able to dial back the ISO. The other settings just sorta worked out as I played with them, and to be honest, im not sure if they were better or worse for what I wanted out of the shot. All I know is im happy with this shot. 

Camera Settings:

F-Stop - f/1.2

Shutter - 1/125

ISO - 250

Lens - 50mm

Straight out of the camera:

Maverick - image 1 - student project

After editing in Lightroom:

Maverick - image 2 - student project

What I did with in Lightroom, was bump up the Exporsure a bit, and play with the Highlights and Shadows to bring out his face and gaze into the light. Droping the Temp in the photo helped bring out some of the colors a bit, and so I added in more warm tones to bring in the christmas tree in the background. 

I hope you all enjoy, this is my first posted Skillshare project. It was a fun one to be apart of.