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Maven is a shopping app that helps you find the best reviewed retail sales near you.

Basically, its like Yelp for high fashion sales, but with real-time updates, retail calender, and geo-locating feature for sample sales and retail sales, starting with a New York base. I want to combine the best parts of retail sale reviews (like racked, sample sally, mizhattan) but stream them in real time through an app where everyone can contribute and upload pictures (like yelp). I would also like to create a feature where the user can fill out a simple profile (their size, favorite brands) and the app will notify them when something has been tagged in their size and brand in their area.

My questions:

The name Maven a good name? It comes from Malcom Gladwell's Tipping Point term for 'Market Mavens' - is this too inside or does it even matter?

If you are interested in retail and fashion, would you be willing to share your fashion finds with a community? For instance, would you brag and instagram yourself with that new Tory Burch dress you just scored for 70% off?

Is someone out there doing something similiar but better?


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