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Maureen Bales

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Maureen's watercolor projects

I am a new mom, on my maternity leave, and I've started taking online art classes as a way to keep my identity and sanity while going through this major life change. I used to do a lot of art in high school, but as an adult I never seem to have time. This has been a really big deal to me - putting myself out there, taking the risk to try something new and force myself to create! I've loved every second of it.



For the monochrome activity I painted one of my troll dolls. It was so much fun, I had to paint them both. I love the red one's creepy teeth!


The jellyfish project was a lot of fun. I really loved trying out the salt and bleach effects. And painting the tentacles was very zen. 

I was reading a National Geographic article about chameleons around this time, and thought they were so cute! Decided to use the same jellyfish techniques to paint this guy.



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