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A story of my project is a short one - but not because my project is of little value to me. It is still fresh in my head and extremely important since I want it to be the one and only thing that I use to communicate with people and help them online. Something that I am not really used to do yet.

In september 2013 I have realised what I am supposed to do in my life and how blind I was that I haven't seen it. My super power is making dreams come true, the only thing about it is that I need a person with a wish. In other words I thrive when I help people with difficult problems, mainly involving small businesses and evertyhing around that subject. I love the independence of small business owners, I love their dedication and personal touch. I love how they are the foundation of world's economy and how they are masters and not slaves of their "JOBS". They do what they want because they chose so and this is what makes them extraordinary. 

When I had this revelation I also understood what I needed to do - I have to establish a place, a community where - anyone with a wish can come and seek assistance along the way. Wether he is an undergraduate, an unemployed older person classified as "unfit" for work, disabled or working but not within their passion.

With that in mind I started digging around, I really enjoy introducing new products, my background is in business development and international trade and I decided that this is what will differentiate me - I will create a place where you can be assisted in getting your business even if it is a vague idea in your head.

Thus my project with began - I didn't want it to fade away so I decided to launch quickly with a general idea of what I want it to be and see what happens next. I know that it sounds like a failure, but I decided that I need to start it and than gradually improve in order to bring it to my ideal vision.

I have launched on december the 1st 2013 and pretty soon - after 3 weeks of daily publishing I started to have problems with content writing. Don't get me wrong I write with an ease - I am good enough with words to publish my thoughts but I realized that I don't have a vision on my content. In turn I realized that I never had planned content for an extended period of time. That was it - I found one of key areas that needed to be improved on rapidly. Skillshare came 2 days after it, and the editorial calendar course was pretty much an obvious choice.

Now my goal here is to do 2 things :

1. Learn how to prepare and fix my editorial calendar - I want to start it for a month and than build it up for longer periods - ideally up to 6 monhts.

2. Support great people through learning skills on skillshare.

Why do I want to blog on

  • To crash test some of my business projects
  • It wil be my way of helping people who want to become entrepreneurs
  • I want to express my ideas on business and life
  • I want to establish myself as an expert in the field
  • I want to teach others about what I have learned about business development
  • In order to have my creative outlet where I can share my business ideas 


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