Matt's creative challenges accepted and (almost) executed

Creative Challenge #1: List 15 identities that are true to you

tall, brunette, mom, activist, expat, South-East Asia enthusiast, runner, marathoner, crocheter, watercolor painter, huge fan of The Good Place, expat wife, environmentalist, Audible addict, can only stop making lists when the items' number is odd

Creative Challenge #2: Pick one identity from the previous challenge, and list 40 things only that identity would understand

Runner: it's too hot; it's too cold; rain; running shoes; uphill-downhill; pace yourself; stretching; fitness trackers; gps trackers; Fitbit sucks; cadence; urban running; trail running; salt capsules; protein vs carbs; sync all your fitness, diet and training apps; PR; marathon majors; socks; blisters; lubricants on non-sexy places; finisher photos; runner's high; losing motivation; gels are disgusting; long haul trainings; mom runners run at night; headphones and ear warmers don't mix well; training when travelling; insoles; feet types; dry mouth, drenched head; headaches don't get cured by running, that's no reason not to try every time; pulled muscles; sore throat = no running; fueling; concrete or trail; sun in your eyes; compression gear; don't drink too much or too little; icy roads;

Creative Challenge #3: Tweet about a new trending topic every day for 5 days.

Day 1: It's the 6th of January and the trending #s are stupid.


Creative Challenge #4: Analyze a favorite video and identify what makes it great.

A work in progress.


I create content on Instagram, and from now on on Twitter, apparently. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hermina Oláh Vass
Digital illustrator | Mixed media artist