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Matt's Sketch-a-Day Journey


I didn't know where I was going when I set out with a ballpoint pen and a couple of watercolor pencils, but the result was positive for me. I have to admit that I cheated and watched all the videos before I pursued the first project. That gave me the magic bowl of prompts which led me to "geometric shapes" for my first entry. A happy surprise is that I can see the influence of some of the music I've had in high rotation lately. Can't wait to see what comes from Day Two...



Thank you to everyone for your kind comments regarding my first image. It was really encouraging to see some positive feedback and eased some of my anxiety about posting a project. I have been tied up with family and work stuff a little more than usual over the last couple of days so I've missed some time with my sketchbook.  However, I was able to steal away a few minutes tonight to lay down some new lines. I only had my phone and a mechanical pencil tonight so after reading a few hockey articles, I pulled up a goalie helmet and started drawing.



When I reached into the magic bowl this evening, I pulled out birds which is funny because we spent the day at the zoo with my son. Anyway, animals are not something I'm passionate about drawing so this was a bit of a challenge. I really enjoy the cardinal on the left, but the blue bird on the right is probably the weakest silhouette possible. The photo was really dynamic, but I didn't translate it well. Regardless, I'm having fun and am really glad I gave this a shot!



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