Matt's Creative Challenges


Creative Challenge #1: List 15 identities that are true to you

Coffee lover, basic white European girl,  summer season is my happy season, self-searcher, social media addict, motivated to learn new interesting things, consumer, self-critical, too obsessed with a "perfect body" image,  helper, individualist, love traveling, cozy nights lover, short girl, close friends circle is my safe place.

Creative Challenge #2: Pick one identity from the previous challenge, and list 40 things only that identity would understand

I have picked "basic white European girl" and 40 things that only this identity would understand are:

Sees Starbucks goes where immediately and buys the fanciest coffee on the list even though have complained about how broke she is.

Always complains about how much work she has to do when goes home and watches youtube for the rest of night.

Eating out is not real before taking millions of photos and posting them on Instagram.

Eats healthy all day and buys a cake for dinner.

Pop music is my favorite!!

"Please take a few photos of me" actually means you have to act like a professional photographer, take the photo from that side, this side and another side, make sure I'm looking great because I need to post something on social media.

Takes a bunch of photos, deletes almost all of them.

Always complains how broke she is but buys all the cute little things on the internet.

Buys new clothes frequently, always wears the same ones.

You haven't gone out if you haven't posted it on Instagram.

Goes to the food market, buys the fanciest food she could find.

Complains about how fat she is, makes a hundred excuses for not going to the gym.

Buys the f high high-heels that hurt feets so bad and probably not going to wear them anywhere but at least they look cute.

Buys a cute bright color dress for the summer season and never wears it.

Can spend hours of lying down to get some tan.

Takes "natural selfie" wears a foundation and mascara.

Gets addicted to film series so easily.

Buys the most expensive underwears even though nobody gonna see them.

Always compares her self to the victoria secret models.

Drinks a giant cup of coffee.

Has a special cup for her morning coffee.

Loves smoothies.

Can spend hours of talking about the same topic with her bestie. 

Watches romantic movies and imagines how her perfect love life should be even though does not have a boyfriend.

Stalks her ex on social media.

Post photo on the Instagram checks every five seconds if she has got new likes. 

Respond to all the comments under her photo with a heart or kiss emojis.

Post photos with long quotes as her caption.

Tries a crazy diet at least once in a month.

Watches amazing YouTubers life and cries about how her life sucks.

Awards herself with a dessert.

Likes her friends' photos even thinks that they look ugly.

On her social media life, she is always happy and has the best moments, friends and everything else.

Does work for five minutes, scrolls social media for a half an hour.

Has a lot of stuff that she actually doesn't need but doesn't throw them away because "I may use it one day" even though it never happens.

Always checks herself on the mirror when sees one.

Wears tiny uncomfortable cloths to public switch to the sweatpants as soon as she gets home.

A messy bun is her home style.

Wants to be different, acts like everyone else.

Talks about others even say that she never does that.