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Mattoon Hypnosis Business Model

I've been in business now for a few years. There was a hiatus with the arrival of my youngest daughter. My business is not successful financialy.

My assets are my office, office furniture and decor, and personal library.

I have not hired any human resources outside of a couple graphic designers.

My customer is the smoker who struggles quitting, the chronic pain sufferer whom doctors have given up, and the person dominated by stress looking for a lifeboat.

My customer gets a personalized program of Mindfulness and Hypnosis that teaches them skills to change their life. The smoker wlaks away with ease. The chronic pain client no linger suffers. The stress client learns gratitude and the beauty all around them in this moment.

The hardest part is generating clients. Tradtional marketing isn't working. The local papers have written a story which generated most of my early business. My website brings the rest.

The unique part is helping people make important changes to their life by introducing them to the power of their own mind.

How will I repeat this again and again? I'll keep teaching meditation and building hypnosis programs to assist people looking to make hard changes easily. I don't know how I will reach them consitently.


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