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Matthew Novak Images

hey everyone!  I got my images back that I shot for this project so I'm uploading them.  I decided, since I never (read: rarely) shoot Black & White film that I'd challenge myself and do just that.  Below are 4 images from my roll and some notes. I won't comment much on composition, but will try to keep my notes geared more toward the film aspect of my shots.

I like this portrait, I think its nicely spaced, but unfortunately its not metered properly, If i were to reshoot it, I'd overexpose this image more to lighten the shadows in his eyes

pretty classic shot for this area of Dumbo, I will probably add a touch of contrast to this so the subject jumps out a little more.  Sometimes depending on your medium you can't do certain things, considering his dark pants middle toned shirt and middle to light skintone I probably woudl not shoot this pose again if I had black and white film.  I might have had a better result with color.

I like this, not a whole lot i'd change about it

This image seems slightly overexposed to me, but I like that.  I'm going to check my notes and see if i intentionally over exposed this, i may follow that method when shooting this film stock again.

All images shot on a Contax 645 80mm f2 lens with Kodak tri-x film


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