Matter + Forest

Matter + Forest - student project

Matter was my slightly vague word and Forest my more concrete one. They were chosen randomly from a list of words generated at random(ish).

For me, matter produced ideas of the stuff that makes up the universe, dark matter and the different states of matter. Forest was more evocative for me—mostly because I love 'em. The ideas that I found most interesting for forest was the concept of an underground network of fungus that allows the trees to 'talk' and the folklore and fairytale connotations. Scottish folklore has a whole cast of forest-dwelling creatures. The woods are often the realm of Otherworldly characters, places where everything is not quite what it seems.

Matter + Forest - image 1 - student project

I decided to draw a parallel between the idea of the transient states of matter and the shifting nature of reality in folklore. The image I arrived at was a girl looking into the forest. The trees appear solid in the foreground but as we look deeper into the picture they become more hazy, more like ancient creatures. The girl is standing at the edge but has to make her way in for some reason (the best way of posing a question is not knowing the answer yourself, right?)

Matter + Forest - image 2 - student project

I created the picture in one go, in blue ink. I went for blue because I wanted colour, but red seemed a bit too Red Riding Hood and green was too obvious for a forest. So just because really. I enjoyed playing about with the smudgy techniques and experimenting with the mark-making, and letting the medium decide some of the creative direction of the picture.

Matter + Forest - image 3 - student project

So here's the final image. Far from perfect, but the exercise was great for getting me out of my critical brain and into making stuff. Off to do Roman's next class now!

Matter + Forest - image 4 - student project