Matt and Mindy - Ocean and violent violet

Matt and Mindy - Ocean and violent violet - student project

This was fun!

Fighting Character Background:

I liked Matt and Mindy. They look like a simple father / daughter duo, until I see the floating ball. I'm thinking Mindy is the main fighter, and she uses telekinesis to throw the ball. Even though she is blind, she can feel energy and has killer aim. Matt acts as a bodyguard and assists with the bat as needed. They run their own batting cage business as a front for their crime fighting operation.

Color Choices:

I decided to do a cool ocean palette that would look approachable and fun. I also created one in shades of purple with a stronger value contrast. Both palettes have small pops of an electric color, hinting at Mindy's kinetic powers.

Matt and Mindy - Ocean and violent violet - image 1 - student project

Final Result:

The first palette reminds me of a slightly hipper version of a standard blue-green baseball uniform. The brighter green stands out, but they don't look incredibly powerful. On the second version, the contrast is dialed up. The huge change in value with the neon magenta gives off a stronger feel - I believe it makes them look like more of a dangerous duo.

Matt and Mindy - Ocean and violent violet - image 2 - student project


I felt like the first skin tone was too warm for the uniform, but when I switched it to a cooler shade I didn't like it nearly as much. I'll attach it below.

Matt and Mindy - Ocean and violent violet - image 3 - student project

(Rejected WIP for the first version)

That probably needs more finessing, but I ended up liking the shade in the final submission better than any of the others I tried. Overall, I think I like the purple best after adjusting it more today.

Thanks for the class!