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Matt Maher Poster

I decided on a band / artist: Matt Maher first and then tried to conceptualize the poster in sketches on paper:


I added color to start thinking about what colors I would use in the project and how they would work together.




The final product is a departure from the sketches. Once I had all of the elements in, the arrangement and the coloring didn't work well together. Red, white and black are so strong together, that they don't lend well to a third color. So I switched to a cooler palette and introduced the yellow into the mix.


I found the toughest part of this was the coloring and understanding how colors blend on press and how the separations work. When I was preparing the seps file, it's not that hard to push the colors into their own layers, but it's hard to visualize how they will interact with each other when printed.


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