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Matilda musical poster

I've been using shapes, the pen tool, and the blob brush to create all of this so far. For some reason, my blob brush decided it wasn't going to respond to changes in stroke on the toolbar this morning, but it'll let me resize it with the bracket buttons. Strange, but whatever works.... 

I need to add some touches to the apples, Matilda's hair, and of course the crazy paint splatter, which I have no clue how to do. 

My work is on the left, the original is on the right. This is just a screencap, so it's not super clean on the outer edges, but whatever. 

I also would love an easier way to sort of clean up the edges of the ribbon designs- I made those using the blob brush tool, but I had to go in to manually create the "forked" edges and then try to smooth everything out... sometimes it worked well, other times not so much. 

Any advice/input welcome! Thanks!


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