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Matilda by Roald Dahl

-----Nov. 17, 2013-----

Here are some more refined variations of each sketch. I feel like the more "sketchy" one (yellow and blue) is maybe too loose, but the simple one is too stiff...

I'm leaning towards the more simple sketch (red and yellow), but I'd still like it to feel "sketchy" in some way. I'm still trying to resolve this...

-----Nov. 16, 2013-----

After getting some feedback about a more simple sketch, I wanted to see how that might look digitally. I'm not sure which version I prefer. I think it needs some refinement, but overall, I like the simplicity in this deisgn. I'd love any feedback. Thanks!

-----Nov. 10, 2013-----

Digital Sketch

This is really a work in progress. I still have to add the flourishes of stars and swirls from my original sketch. I also think the M needs to be scaled down to accomodate the type. I might have to start over because the shape of the M is a bit lopsided. I think the left side of the M is too thick and I could refine the book pages a bit more. Overall, this the basic style I want to create.

-----Nov. 9, 2013-----

More Sketches

-----Nov. 9, 2013-----

Brainstorming & Initial Sketches

I think the book concept is working, but I might try to think a bit more outside the box and brainstorm some new concepts this weekend. That way, I can compare the two options and see which works best. Any feedback is welcome!

Some really great quotes from the book that I'm inspired by are:

"Sit back and let the words wash around you, like music."

"I was flying past the stars on silver wings."

-----Nov. 8, 2013-----

I have been thinking a lot about how I want to tackle this project, and I really want to build it into a larger project after the skill share class is over. I'm going to illustrate a drop cap of the letter M for Matilda rather than D for Dahl (the author's last name) because I want to create drop caps for some other well know Roald Dahl books. I'd like to create a J for James and the Giant Peach, C for Charlie and the Chocoate Factory and maybe even some sort of combination of BFG for The Big Friendly Giant. Dahl even has an auto biography titled Boy, and I could illustrate a D for that particular book. This could be a fun side project that I keep working on for the next couple months.

After re-reading the book, Matilda, I'm still stuck on my original idea, which was illustrating the drop cap with a book. Matilda is very smart and learns to read at age 3, and a book represents her smarts and passion for learning. I thought it might be too obvious, but my other concepts of brain power and levitation are difficult to illustrate. I might try to make the book have a magical quality to represent those concepts. One thing I did realize is that the red ribbon that I imagine Matilda wearing is not in the book at all, it's only in the movie. I wanted to reference that in my drop cap, but I don't think I will do that now.

-----Oct. 31, 2013-----

I'm a huge Roald Dahl fan, and Matilda is still one of my favorite books. Quentin Blake is also one of my favorite illustrators. I don't want to copy his style, but I'm going to try to pay homage to his playful use of line. I can't wait to get started!


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