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Sarah Price

Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer



Matilda The Musical - Naughty Contest entry

I chose the song Naughty from Matilda the musical.  Its one of my favorites and really empowering.  I thought it would have lots of contrast as it is strong and powerful but tinged with sadness.


I made a list of the words that i think best describe the emotions felt my Matilda in this song.  resiliant, optomistic, positive, confident, hopeful,cheerful, courageous.  I then looked at the lyrics  and added playful and lonely.

My three words Hopeful, Playful and Lonely with the lyrics that support these emotions

I choose the green as my main as she is really hopeful.  This song is not a sad song.  There is still lonliness so i selected a colour match for lonely.  Once i had the green and the blue/grey i only needed to adjust the playful red colour to make it slightly more orange to make a split complimentary palette.  I also trried out several other options but for me it needed to be Hopeful and lonely and so these two colours influenced the effect on the red by making the playful more warm

Original painting 

reworked version

Matilda is a hopeful little girl so I gave her lots of green.  She is a little bit playful (yellow and red)  She is lonely grey rectangles and an overall wash of light blue/grey to reflect her overall loneliness.


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