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Matias, my newborn son

Hi Martina, 

thanks a milion times for your class. I have to say, I fell in love with lettering and that's mainly because of you and skillshare :-*
It looks like my new favourite hobby. 

I connected your class and my newly gathered knowledge with a great opportunity. I started the class two weeks before my son should be born and my personal quest was to write his name, vectorise it, tune it and put over his photo. This way to create a nice postcard and share material on the day he is born :)

---------- 1. ----------

Here are a few sketches and experiments I begun with:




Then something I was quite ok with:


---------- 2. ----------

So, I photographed it (iPhone) and put a treshold effect on it. Then imported to my Illustrator trial :)


---------- 3. ----------

And vectorised it with the pen, wich took me a lifetime until I was ok with it. While vectorising, I also tuned the both a letters, so they look more simmilar and the first M so it has better proportions.


---------- 4. ----------

Then, on a beautifull monday (20. april), my son was born. A handsome 3,9 Kg boy :)

I snaped a photo of him and overlayed the lettering. I used a little bit of masking, so it looks like he would push his hand through the letters. All done directly in the iPhone using the app Enlight.

And there he is cutie:



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