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Mark Mathis IV

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Mathis Family Crest - In Moe's we Trust

The mathis name comes from a Welsh background however my mothers side comes from Irish German. I looked up Welsh family crests and Irish family crests to see what was out there. There was a lot of plumeage. My family goes to Orange beach each year and it's like a pilgramage to this one BBQ joint. We eat there, every day, for a week. It's a shack in Orange Beach called Moe's BBQ (go there if you are near). The mathis clan holds dear two football teams: The Iowa Hawkeyes (GHG) and Alabama's Crimson Tide (RTR). I am the 4th down a line of Mark Mathis and I'm proud of this. The whole family lives by one saying from my grandfather, Mark C. Mathis II, and that is "Trust the Process". I love my family and I thank Aaron Draplin for providing me the inspiration to give something back to them. This was a lot of fun to do and I hope to improve upon it in the future. 

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