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These are photo of my you can see the second and third pics are of a brand new addition to my family of palettes!!  I deliver workshops and was finding the large radial palettes a bit cumbersome as they need to be carried flat and they don't have a lid. The new palette is fantastic as the wells are really deep and don't dry out if I keep the lid on. There are also lots of mixing areas athough I tend to mix more on the paper than in the palette bu it is the best palette I have ever used and I am delighted with it.

As for paints I use a variety of makes... mainly W&N with a few Schmincke and Daler Rowney thown in... interestingly the few Daniel Smith paints I've tried, UB, Quin Gold, Green Gold haven't lit my fire as even though the diferences are really subtle I prefer W&N. One of my favourite colours is Schmincke Transparent Orange and I have also just started using Perylene Green... a gorgeous silver grey which as you said Anglea produces a very rich dark and works beautifully with Alizarin Crimson. I do have a lot of colours but rarely use more than 5 or 6 in any one painting.

Brushes are W&N round series sable, size 12 and I then have a variety of smaller brushes in the same series though I find a rigger to be most useful. I then have a whole host of other brushes whch barely get used as more often than not I forget about them but I do have another couple of specialist brushes, a sword brush which is really useful for both thick and thin lines which can be done with one stroke and a "drawing brush" I think that's what it's called, it has 2 parts to it, a thicker barrel which holds a lot of paint and water in a sort of reservoir and a finer point which extends from the barrel which can be used as a rigger.


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