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Material Pigs

This is the first project I complete in Skillshare. It was a lot of FUN, and I kept imaging the cover in my head while I was still watching the videos.. I couldn`t wait to work on the assignment. I made the sketches only to nail the idea I had in mind, but I know the drawings are terrible. I worked the final directly in Illustrator, using a Wacom Tablet, to add the wood texture, bricks, handwritting and the whole wolf. 

My inspiration was the color scheme used in babies' toys and books so they are easy and attractive for the little ones. Its a pretty basic and classic story, and so I aimed for contrast and simplicity. 

I hope to improve my drawing and composition skills, in further projects. 

Now, let's get to the assignment files: 

This is the email I wrote in response to the Brief received by sally:


This is the first rough sketch


And the 2nd; the one I selected. 


And here's the final artwork. It could have some modifications, like the writting of the center cirlce, and perhaps adding the illustrator's name. 


It was a very useful class to attend, and I also purchased a kindle copy of Art Inc., after I've finished it :)

Cheers to all from Argentina!!



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