Paul Solt

iPhone App Expert



Mat Border Calculator for iPhone

Here's an app that helps artists and photographers frame artwork. Normally, there is a lot of math calculations to figure out dimensions. If you mess up the calculation and cut wrong you're throwing away money on mat boards. ($6-$15) I also struggle with visualizing the end result, so I built a live preview that changes as your resize.

  • There are currently no apps that show real-time feedback for mat border dimensions.
  • I use multi-touch gestures to enable natural control.
  • Slide left/right or up/down on the numbers to increase or decrease the values.

Milestone 2: March 2014

I have some cool new designs for the app, reorganized it so that touch input was along the bottom, and added a new crop screen.

The layout has changed, so there is now a navigation bar on some screens that pop up from the bottom of the screen (modal transition).

I've skinned all of the backgrounds with custom images using Photoshop. And I added a crop screen where you can choose different aspect ratios to crop an image.

New Video:

TODO: I plan to add help screens to show users how to use the app. That'll be another side scrolling screen.

Milestone 1: February 2013




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