Masucci/Hilton Family Crest

Story - So my dad’s father left him when he was about 13 and he has never heard from him since. My grandma remarried (Jack Hilton, better known as papaw) and he legally adopted my dad. At 14, my dad’s last name went from Masucci to Hilton. My father still hopes that his father will one day contact him and holds dear to the name Masucci. For my father it is important to keep the name Masucci in the crest. However, his stepfather did raise him and was my closest grandparent.

Step 1 – Which name do I incorporate? Should I incorporate both? What should I represent if I’m using both names.

After discussing with my family, we came to the conclusion to use both names. However, we did decide that it wasn’t all about our last names. We like to believe our family is built on love…and food!

Step 2 - Emphasize love, food, and the story of us being Italian, but being raised in the south.

Content -


A Southern Italian Story (raised in Georgia, but are Italians)

A Family Built on Love

ITA  (Italy)

GEO (Georgia)

Mangia/ Italian for Eat (Something my parents scream in the nicest way possible)

Ya'll (Southern slang for you guys)

Here is my starting point. Pretty bland, but I finally had something to work with.

I started stylizing it, but it still wasn't there. 

The meal wasn't finished yet. It definitely needed some noodles and basil. 

I'm saving color for last and will probably try to add the sauce with some sort of texture. Not too sure yet. i think the fork needs a little work and maybe the shape of the meatball. 

Please hit me up with some constructive criticism!


Playing with colors.


So Mom put in her critique and told me to bring the crest to one color, and add a raisin or heart to the meatball (Our meatballs are Sicilian and it is traditional to put a raisin in the center of each meatball). I thought the heart worked better so I went with that. 


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