Master's Graduation Celebration Party

When is the event?

Friday December 14, 2012


Who are the decision makers/Who has the money (are there sponsors)? 

Myself (Ana) and my aunt Jeannette

What is your budget? 


What do you want it to look like? 

I want it to be a casual graduation party at my house with my friends and family. It will be mid afternoon which will add to the casualness. I just want everyone to laugh and relax and enjoy each other's company.

What are things that can not move? 

The date and the budget cannot change. This will be my graduation date so I want everything relating to it to be on the same day so I can later rest. The budget cannot change because I am a student.

 What will make it yours?

It will be at my house which not too many people have been to. The atmosphere and decor along with the music selection and cultural food will set it up as my own. 


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