Mastering color palette

Mastering color palette - student project

Hello everyone,

I'm Giusy Di Bella, aka J.Dee Bella, an Italian Artist, Designer, Illustrator, Maker and a strong daydreamer, mom of one 7 year old adorable child.  At the end of this project you can read a short bio, but first, the pattern! :)

Bringing color to life in pattern design is such a great stuff! I really love to experiment with this new skillshare content, your classes are pure gold Bonnie!

The Color Palette:

Mastering color palette - image 1 - student project

The Final Pattern (3 + a bonus background):

Mastering color palette - image 2 - student project

The short bio into my webspace says:

Inspired by nature and the little things around her world JdeeBella is a 43 year woman artist, maker and designer that never grows up. Having her baby in 2009 makes her reboot on her own original passion about color and illustrations, she said:


Mom of one cute and vivacious child -Daydreamer – Soul seeker – Art and Craft lover.

“I am passionate about everything that involve hands and brain: sketching, painting, sewing, knitting, writing, designing… I spent all my life in the making and I want go on this way in a very calm, silent and quiet mood. Want to come see what I do?”

xoxo, Giusy

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Giusy Di Bella
Italian Artist, Maker, Illustrator, Daydreamer