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Luke Paisley

Design + Illustration



Mastering Filth: Textured Typography I



Learn to give your type some fine organic texture and learn how to reduce the 'vector' look. In this class you will learn how to accomplish some basic texturing techniques that will be applicable to any illustrative/typographic project that needs a custom dirty look. 


Basic understanding of Illustrator and Photoshop. We'll be taking it nice and slow though, so don't worry if the programs are new to you!


Upload your finished dirty word, complete with a deliciously filthy fine texture. 

Link to class outline

Link to introduction (youtube)


Step 1: Your Favourite Dirty Word 

First you will be picking a dirty word and an appropriate typeface. This will be the first upload too: You'll be sharing your word and your type choice with the class.


Step 2: Vector Texture

Next you will add preliminary texture to your type in Illustrator, adding blemishes, spots, streaks and anything else that complements your particular mess. Now will be another time to share your work and get feedback. 


Step 3: Photoshop Texture Prepping

Moving your dirty word into Photoshop, you will create the base of the texture using the brush tool.


Step 4: Rolling In The Muck

Next it is time to turn all of those hideous transparent brush stokes into some real texture using features from the filter gallery. One last time for feedback on your texture before the home stretch.


Step 5: Cleaning Up

In this last step you'll be adding some colour (if that's your bag) and finishing up with some presentation flourishes.


Step 6: Uploading to the Project Gallery

Share your final filth with the rest of the class! 


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