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Mastering Adobe Illustrators Perspective Grid Tool

Milestone 4: Introduction Video to Mastering Adobe Illustrators Perspective Grid Tool


Hello Colleagues, I have uploaded my introduction video to YouTube, I will appreciate your comments or helpful feedback...I am a first timer and I will like to know if i am on the right track...Thank you.

Milestone 2:


Linear Perspective is a technique that can be used to add spatial depth to create visual tension, movement and establish visual hierarchy in a composition. This concept is applied in photography and drawing. Understanding this concept will add to your creative ability to create an engaging composition.

In this class, i will be teaching students how to use Adobe Illustrators Perspective Grid Tool to create awesome illustrations in linear perspective. To ensure students understand how to use this tool, i will:

  • Explain the fundamentals of creating the illusion of three-dimension on a two-dimensional surface using linear perspective.
  • Carefully Apply the fundamental principle in understanding how to use Adobe Illustrator's Grid Tool.
  • And put all of the knowledge into practice, creating an awesome illustration in linear perspective which will also serve as the students project.

It's going to be so much fun, and i will like to see what students will come up with.

Milestone 3:

Hello colleagues,

Here's a link to my video lesson out line: Mastering Adobe Illustrator’s perspective grid tool


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