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Mandar Marathe

Fine Artist, Sculptor, Illustrator, Designer



Master watercolor techniques and paint stunning landscapes

Master watercolor techniques and paint stunning landscapes

I'm happy to announce my 12th class on Skillshare! It's about watercolors! Have a look.


Painting with watercolors is easy if you know the right techniques. It's a unique medium that needs minimal supplies and can produce a wide range of effects on it's own. Every artist paints in a unique way and the goal of this class is to show you the techniques and show you my process of painting. Once you see and practice these techniques, you'll develop your way of painting. There is no right or wrong way. Exploration is the key to progress.

In this course, I show you the techniques specific to watercolor painting and then using those techniques show you demonstrations of painting. I start with a simple sketch and show you each and every stroke that I make to take the painting to completion.

What you'll learn:

We'll go through all the steps one by one.

Overview of supplies: Only the things you'll need to start. I keep this simple.
Watercolor techniques: Transparent washes, wet-in-wet, dry brush, glazing and wet over dry.
Color mixing: Mixing the required colors and paying more attention to value than color
Full length of demonstrations of painting with my commentary: Watch me paint over my shoulder and listen to my accompanying commentary.

Come, enjoy the adventure!



Title: Improve your drawing skills by drawing 30 simple objects

Description: When a person sets out to practice drawing, the question of "what should i draw" arises. Very often, the person cannot answer this question and the drawing gets postponed and another day is lost. Days turn into weeks, weeks into months and drawing is forgotten.

In this class I give you names of 30 objects that we can find around us very easily. I show you how I draw those and encourage you to draw after me, using the same photos. Why only 30? That's because by that time the students will be able to find subjects on their own and will not need daily prompts. 

In drawing practice, it is more important that you draw something everyday than what you draw. 



Title: Practice and improve your drawing skill : 5 unique exercises

Class URL:


In this class I teach you  5 drawing exercises that will help you improve your drawing skills at a faster pace. Doing these exercises will

  • improve your observation skills
  • improve your eye-hand coordination
  • reduce the fear of drawing
  • enable you to see like an artist with your right brain

This class is good for traditional artists, digital artists, illustrators, art, design or architecture students or even for those who draw just as a hobby.

I am eager to see your drawings and so hit the enroll button and see you in the class!


Learn how to make wonderful digital watercolor paintings


Class description: 

Painting with watercolors is an interesting and intriguing activity. Unlike other mediums, you never have full control over how the colors interact with each other and how they finally look once dry. That adds lot of magic and interest to the paintings. This magic makes watercolors one the best mediums for expressive paintings.

At the same time, it can be challenging to get desired results with this transparent medium. Digital technology has made this challenge simpler and inexpensive. Painting with watercolor has never been so easy.

In this class I'll be walking you through my process of creating watercolor styled paintings using a free iPad app called Adobe Photoshop Sketch. It mimics the real watercolors to a great extent and has many benefits over real watercolor painting.
Being a digital medium, you can undo, redo, use layers and still get those wet in wet, glazing, dry brush and wash effects.

You should take this course if you paint using watercolors, or are thinking about it. Even if you have never painted with watercolors, you can start now because it is so easy with this app.
This app also removes the need to buy expensive watercolor papers, premium watercolors and brushes.

It is a way of creating nice artworks without having to fear you might spoil the paper, deal with the hassle of spilling water, getting color on your clothes, wet painting being ruined by unwanted splatter or any other worry that kept you from painting with watercolors.
If you are an experienced watercolor artist, you can use Adobe Sketch to try your ideas before you develop them into real watercolor paintings.
You can even print and frame your paintings for adding more colors to your life or turn them into exclusive gifts for your friends and family.
So, join the class and learn to paint with digital watercolors! See you in the class!


Fine Art: Painting A Landscape With Oil Colors

This is my 8th class launched yesterday. Have a look!


Painting with oil colors is not difficult as it seems to many people. Oil colors are actually one of the oldest mediums of painting and also one of the most flexible mediums to work with.

Mandar Marathe is a fine artist and he has been painting with oils since last 20 years. He has had several shows of his paintings and his paintings are in private collections of companies and private individuals in 9 countries.

You do not need prior experience or a lot of expensive material to take this class and learn to paint using the method he shows.

In this class he'll walk you through his process of creating a painting based of a photo he clicked on a weekend trip. He begins with showing how he makes various compositions based on the same photo and makes the preliminary drawing on the oil paper using a thinned burnt sienna.  

Then he mixes all the required shades of secondary and tertiary colors using a limited set of colors. Now is the time to start applying colors to the painting one by one, starting from darkest dark to lighter colors. While applying every new color, he compares that color and it's value with colors already applied to the painting. 
Once all major shapes are painted, us uses a small round brush and palette knife to add just enough amount of details to the painting.

Once he signs the painting and removes the masking tape border, the ready painting reveals itself.

Join this class to experience a painterly journey that starts from a photo and leads us to an artistic painting!



How to edit your Video and Audio for free

Enrollment link:

I just need 2 more students to hit the 25 mark!


Class Description: Editing videos for YouTube or Skillshare does not have to be costly.

In this class I show you how I use 3 Open Source tools (Blender, Audacity and Handbrake) for editing my videos, editing audios and then compressing the video files. All these applications are very capable, feature rich and still FREE. They are constantly supported and upgraded by the developer community.

All my online class videos and YouTube videos go through this same editing workflow which I show you here. Though all of these applications have hundreds of settings, I show you exact settings that I use so that even if you do not understand or do not want to understand how they work, these settings will do the work of editing videos for you. You are of course free to try different combinations of settings once you get familiar with the usage.

So if you are a video enthusiast or a online teacher like me, this class will give you lot of information that you can implement right away.

Enroll now and see you in the class!



How to make Better Compositions: Take your art to new heights

Class enrollment link:


Sketchnoting: Doodle your way to better learning and effective communication!

I sent this link about my class to my list via mailchimp, created a Linkedin post about it, posted it on FB and twitter and also sent the url via whatsapp.


Hi friends!

I've launched my 2nd skillshare course and it is about Techniques of handbuilding Pottery.

Link to my class:

Here is how I announced my class to my list: 

How did humans make pottery for 11000 years?

Historians says that we humans started making pots of clay 14000 years B.C. and the pottery wheel was invented about 3000 B.C. So how did we make pots for the in between 11000 years?" class="zoomable rounded-image-wrapper" alt="219_1936.1.jpg" />

There are 3 or 4 different methods that our ancestors used and these methods can be used to create variety of objects even today.

These method are called pinching, coiling, slab and scooping. These methods are simple to learn and don't need any special tools; not even the potter's wheel.

I have created a video based online course in which I demonstrate these very methods. Needless to say that I haven't invented anything here but just presented the methods so that any one with a internet connection and a device to watch videos can learn these methods. 

I have hosted this class on Skillshare and you can use the link below to get 3 months of Skillshare Premium for only $0.99 for unlimited access to this and thousands of online classes.


My FB Post about this course:



Hi friends!

I launched my first Skillahsre class on 4th May and I have 73 students as of now which is just 5 days from my launch date. I also observe that the number of student enrollments is approx 10% of total visits. 

Don't know if this is good, bad or ugly but this is how it is. 

Link to my class is here:

Here is how announced this class to friends. This is almost identical to the template shared in this class. No innovation here.


Check out my new Skillshare class: "Sketching and Drawing: 5 Techniques to improve your skills." Use the link below to get 3 months of Skillshare Premium for only $0.99 for unlimited access to this and thousands of online classes.


My FB post: 


Content marketing videos: I uploaded the promo video of this course to my YouTUbe channel. Here is the link to that:

I created a FAQ for people I know but have no interest in what I teach. I wanted to nudge them into signing for free for my class. 


Here is a FAQ for all who might have doubts:

1. How much does the class cost?
Zero. The link gives you a FREE enrty.

2. What if I am not interested in the class?
Register anyway, as a favor to me.

3. What's in it for me?
If you want to improve your drawing skills, there's a lot in there. If not, just the satisfaction of helping me. Givers gain!

4. Can I forward this link to my friends?
By all means, go ahead. More the better!

5. Can I cancel my registration?
Yes you can. 





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