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Mandar Marathe

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Master watercolor techniques and paint stunning landscapes

Master watercolor techniques and paint stunning landscapes

I'm happy to announce my 12th class on Skillshare! It's about watercolors! Have a look.


Painting with watercolors is easy if you know the right techniques. It's a unique medium that needs minimal supplies and can produce a wide range of effects on it's own. Every artist paints in a unique way and the goal of this class is to show you the techniques and show you my process of painting. Once you see and practice these techniques, you'll develop your way of painting. There is no right or wrong way. Exploration is the key to progress.

In this course, I show you the techniques specific to watercolor painting and then using those techniques show you demonstrations of painting. I start with a simple sketch and show you each and every stroke that I make to take the painting to completion.

What you'll learn:

We'll go through all the steps one by one.

Overview of supplies: Only the things you'll need to start. I keep this simple.
Watercolor techniques: Transparent washes, wet-in-wet, dry brush, glazing and wet over dry.
Color mixing: Mixing the required colors and paying more attention to value than color
Full length of demonstrations of painting with my commentary: Watch me paint over my shoulder and listen to my accompanying commentary.

Come, enjoy the adventure!



Title: Improve your drawing skills by drawing 30 simple objects

Description: When a person sets out to practice drawing, the question of "what should i draw" arises. Very often, the person cannot answer this question and the drawing gets postponed and another day is lost. Days turn into weeks, weeks into months and drawing is forgotten.

In this class I give you names of 30 objects that we can find around us very easily. I show you how I draw those and encourage you to draw after me, using the same photos. Why only 30? That's because by that time the students will be able to find subjects on their own and will not need daily prompts. 

In drawing practice, it is more important that you draw something everyday than what you draw. 


Title: Practice and improve your drawing skill : 5 unique exercises

Class URL:


If you want to improve your drawing and sketching skills, after learning basic techniques, PRACTICE is the only way you'll get better at it. This practice if done using variety of exercises, gives results faster.

If you have already taken my class "The Art of Sketching and Drawing: 5 Techniques to improve your skills" , this class about drawing exercises is a perfect follow-up class after that. Even if you haven't drawing techniques class, this drawing exercises class will give you great results on it's own too.

In this class I teach you  5 drawing exercises that will help you improve your drawing skills at a faster pace. Doing these exercises will

  • improve your observation skills
  • improve your eye-hand coordination
  • reduce the fear of drawing
  • enable you to see like an artist with your right brain

This class is good for traditional artists, digital artists, illustrators, art, design or architecture students or even for those who draw just as a hobby.

I am eager to see your drawings and so hit the enroll button and see you in the class!

Keep drawing,

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Learn how to make wonderful digital watercolor paintings


Class description: 

Painting with watercolors is an interesting and intriguing activity. Unlike other mediums, you never have full control over how the colors interact with each other and how they finally look once dry. That adds lot of magic and interest to the paintings. This magic makes watercolors one the best mediums for expressive paintings.

At the same time, it can be challenging to get desired results with this transparent medium. Digital technology has made this challenge simpler and inexpensive. Painting with watercolor has never been so easy.

In this class I'll be walking you through my process of creating watercolor styled paintings using a free iPad app called Adobe Photoshop Sketch. It mimics the real watercolors to a great extent and has many benefits over real watercolor painting.
Being a digital medium, you can undo, redo, use layers and still get those wet in wet, glazing, dry brush and wash effects.

You should take this course if you paint using watercolors, or are thinking about it. Even if you have never painted with watercolors, you can start now because it is so easy with this app.
This app also removes the need to buy expensive watercolor papers, premium watercolors and brushes.

It is a way of creating nice artworks without having to fear you might spoil the paper, deal with the hassle of spilling water, getting color on your clothes, wet painting being ruined by unwanted splatter or any other worry that kept you from painting with watercolors.
If you are an experienced watercolor artist, you can use Adobe Sketch to try your ideas before you develop them into real watercolor paintings.
You can even print and frame your paintings for adding more colors to your life or turn them into exclusive gifts for your friends and family.
So, join the class and learn to paint with digital watercolors! See you in the class!


Fine Art: Painting a landscape with Oil colors

Published this class yesterday! Have a look!


Class description: 

Painting with oil colors is not difficult as it seems to many people. Oil colors are actually one of the oldest mediums of painting and also one of the most flexible mediums to work with.

Mandar Marathe is a fine artist and he has been painting with oils since last 20 years. He has had several shows of his paintings and his paintings are in private collections of companies and private individuals in 9 countries.

You do not need prior experience or a lot of expensive material to take this class and learn to paint using the method he shows.

In this class he'll walk you through his process of creating a painting based of a photo he clicked on a weekend trip. He begins with showing how he makes various compositions based on the same photo and makes the preliminary drawing on the oil paper using a thinned burnt sienna.  

Then he mixes all the required shades of secondary and tertiary colors using a limited set of colors. Now is the time to start applying colors to the painting one by one, starting from darkest dark to lighter colors. While applying every new color, he compares that color and it's value with colors already applied to the painting. 
Once all major shapes are painted, us uses a small round brush and palette knife to add just enough amount of details to the painting.

Once he signs the painting and removes the masking tape border, the ready painting reveals itself.

Join this class to experience a painterly journey that starts from a photo and leads us to an artistic painting!



How to edit your Video and Audio for free

Enrollment link:

I just need 2 more students to hit the 25 mark!


Class Description: Editing videos for YouTube or Skillshare does not have to be costly.

In this class I show you how I use 3 Open Source tools (Blender, Audacity and Handbrake) for editing my videos, editing audios and then compressing the video files. All these applications are very capable, feature rich and still FREE. They are constantly supported and upgraded by the developer community.

All my online class videos and YouTube videos go through this same editing workflow which I show you here. Though all of these applications have hundreds of settings, I show you exact settings that I use so that even if you do not understand or do not want to understand how they work, these settings will do the work of editing videos for you. You are of course free to try different combinations of settings once you get familiar with the usage.

So if you are a video enthusiast or a online teacher like me, this class will give you lot of information that you can implement right away.

Enroll now and see you in the class!



How to make Better Compositions: Take your art to new heights

Class enrollment link :

Class Description:


In simple words, composition is the arrangement of shapes in the picture. It is one of the most elusive and neglected aspects in art but is one of the most crucial ingredients of every good work of artwork.

This artwork could be a drawing, painting, illustration, graphic design or a photograph. In this class we'll go through 

  • Conventions in composition
  • Armatures that hold the shapes in the painting together
  • Common mistakes in composition
  • Orchestration of eye movement using composition
  • Framing and cropping vast scenes into effective compositions
  • Importance of thumbnail sketches in developing compositions

If you are interested in drawing, painting, illustration, design or photography, this class will give you lot of useful information, but even if you are just curious about what composition is and how it helps in creating better artworks, this class will help you understand that.

So, I invite you to enroll in this class and take you art to higher level of mastery. See you in the class!

Class Project:

Click a photo of a scene near you house and then create 3 composition thumbnails sketches based on that.

Post that photo and a photo of your thumbnail sketches in the project section of this class.


Sketchnoting: Doodle your way to better learning and effective communication!

This class now has 35 students!  

Class description:

Sketchnoting is a new name given to a method of taking notes that involves text and simple images. Some people refer to these drawing as doodles!

Here is a Sketchnote that I'll be demonstrating at the end of the class.


Research has proven that when we write notes with our hands and draw images about things that we are listening or observing, the learning happens faster and retention of that information is much higher than taking notes on a computer or just writing textual notes.

Sketchnoting involves using our left brain, right brain and our hands to take notes. This means that we are more present in the moment, are paying more attention to things in front of us, synthesizing the information gathered and are then representing it on paper using text and and sketches.

In this class we look at simple ways of sketching  or drawing things using few simple shapes and easy ways of emphasizing text to make our sketchnotes much more interesting, readable and memorable.

You do not need any artistic skills to start sketchnoting as we are capturing ideas and not creating "ART".

I also give you tips how to organize content on a sketchnote and how to make sketchnote more presentable using bullets, boxes, icons and arrows.

Anybody who wants to learn to listen more effectively, learn new things at a faster pace and wants to present their ideas more effectively to others, will benefit from this course. It does not matter if that person is a student or a teacher, a doctor or an engineer, a consultant or a business owner, a freelancer or a home maker. Anybody who has ideas, can learn to make sketchnotes and reap it's benefits along the way.

Anyone who loves to draw, sketch, doodle, think visually, express thoughts on paper will love this class.

So, hit the blue Enroll button and see you in the class!

Project Title:

Make a sketchnote based on a TED video or a thing you did this week.


Repeat the simple drawings and typography shown in class videos. Later, make a sketchnote based on any TED video or any interesting thing you did this week.

It could be anything, here are few examples.
 - dinner at a special restaurant,
 - a seminar or lecture you attended,
 - a place you visited
 - a recipe you tried cooking
 - a game you watched

If this is the first time you made a sketchnote, don't expect it to be perfect. It is not art anyway. Post an image of the practice drawings or sketchnotes in the projects gallery. Have fun doodling more and having fun sketchnoting!


A photo of the drawing practice and the sketchnote you make.


Use any TED video as a source for your sketchnote.



4 Time Tested Ways To Make Pottery Without Potter's Wheel

[This is my 2nd course this month. ]

Class Title: 4 Time Tested Ways To Make Pottery Without Potter's Wheel

Class description: 

This course teaches you the hand building techniques for making objects/pots with clay.

If you are creative minded person who likes to make different things and likes to learn new techniques for giving life to your ideas, this course is for you.

We use clay and some very basic hand tools in this course and it means you don't have to buy any expensive equipment.

All the lectures in this course are delivered in HD video format and you'll be able to see how exactly I make things using clay.

This course is perfect for you if

  • You are person wanting to make different things using your creative imagination or
  • A student looking to increase your understanding of clay as a material or
  • You are interested in clay-mation or
  • You are a budding sculptor or a pottery artist or
  • A home maker wanting to make good use of time or
  • Someone who just wants to have some creative fun

Interest in learning something new is the only pre-requisite for joining this course.

So, hop on and let your creative journey begin!

Project Title:

Make a simple pot!


All you have to do is to create a simple pot using clay and just your hands. You are free to use any or all the hand building techniques shown in this class.


A photo of the pot you make.


Use any pot in your kitchen as an inspiration to make your pot.


Sketching and Drawing : 5 Techniques to improve your skills

The link to published course:

The course outline document link:

Class title:
Sketching and Drawing: 5 Techniques to improve your skills

Class description:

This class is about the techniques which artists use to draw and sketch. Believe me, drawing can be learnt, the only condition is that you should put in the time required.

In this class I demonstrate many techniques that make drawing easier. But to get the most out of this course, you should do the exercises and practice.

I have been teaching these techniques in my studio workshops over the years and have seen significant imrpovements in the students' work in a short period of time. Now you too can get better at drawing by taking this class and doing the practice.

See you in the class and I am eager to see your projects.

Project Title:

Draw your breakfast!


All you have to do is to draw your breakfast items and share a photo of that drawing.

If you have cornflakes, milk and fruits for your breakfast, draw the bowl and spoon, the box containing flakes, say a glass of milk and a fruit.
If you have omlette, bread and a glass of milk/tea/coffee for breafast, draw the plate, omlette, bread, glass/cup.

You can use any of the drawing techniques shown in the class videos.

You can also choose to draw and share the drawing of your breakfast ( or lunch or dinner) on say 5 days, each using a particular drawing technique shown in class videos. 


  • Drawing of your breakfast.
  • A photo of the breakfast (taken from your eye level as you saw it while drawing it)

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! So, don't miss it and don't miss drawing it. If you are worried about breakfast getting cold by the time you draw it, draw the empty plate and glass after having the breakfast, but don't skip it!


Your own breakfast table!


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