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Master Five Complex Pattern Techniques


Oh my goodness, I have learned so much from this course. This is the first time I have put together patterns in illustrator so there has been a big learning curve for me. As you will notice there are some problems with things lining up and the designs are not the most creative, but I am proud to have completed them :)  

I enjoyed layering texture to create a pattern. I am looking forward to exploring this more. This is the phase 3 assignment.  I will work on the nex phase in the morning.

Thank you Bonnie for the great class! 






Lesson 1/2

I decided to create geometric motifs. My goal is to learn new skills in Adobe Illustrator.  So far, I have manipulated scanned drawings that I created using pen and pencil.  I wanted to test the  different looks I could achieve in Illustrator.  After scanning,  I compared how the pen tool, the blob tool, and image trace differed.  The pen tool has a cleaner look than the image trace.  I couldn't help adding some color.  For some reason, the colors did not stay true to the original  image.  I flattened the images in Photoshop, saved them as jpegs, and maybe that is what altered the colors.





I have included my vector drawings and some of the geometric shapes combined into ideas for simple geometric patterns.  I am also working on a few more icons to go with the geometric shapes. 





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