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Master 5 Complex Pattern Techniques in 2 Weeks

4f51d5caf78aebfbccdbbadd17e604a6Sketching Phase... super excited to see where this goes! I was inspired by the dense coniferous woods and the variety of landscapes I grew up in. I spent a lot of time wandering in the forest alone and discovering hidden trails and little natural treasures. I'm aiming for something dark and mysterious, my list of brainstorming words were : night music, rocks and rills, wayfaring stranger, moths in the light, dewdrops, mist, gnarled, undergrowth, fairies, lanterns, misty mountains, fireflies, mysterious hooded figure. I'm not really sure what kind of color to palette to use, yet, but I'm leaning towards natural and nude tones with pops of neon and mauve-y purples.7ea9daaf

This is my geometric design! I definitely struggled with this but I'm pretty satisfied with the result and I'm so excited to go try my hand at some others.


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