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Master 5 Complex Pattern Techniques in 2 Weeks

Hello everyone! My name is Amy and I live in Fort Worth, TX. I am an interior designer turned sewist. I quit my full time interior design job a year ago to finally start down my own path. I have watched all of Bonnie's Skillshare classes and have fallen in love with surface pattern design. I am still brand new so I am looking forward to developing my skills further. I have my own sewing business (@sewnhandmade). I have big dreams to someday license some surface pattern designs with a fabric manufacturer so - here I am! Excited to learn + create!


Phase 2: Sketch + Vectorize

I am mostly planning to pull colors from these images. I also pulled images of textures I really liked and found inspirational for some of the backgrounds on my patterns.



Words: Minimal, Modern, Clean, Simple, Natural, Neutral, Balance, Fresh

I also came up with a "story" for my pattern collection. Mostly my sketches and patterns are full of items I love and would see in my "someday" modern farmhouse.

  • Somewhere out in the country.
  • Big open windows everyone so that we feel like we are outside.
  • Inspirational and clutter free.
  • Industrial lighting.
  • Minimal in that it is only full of what we truly need or items that bring us happiness.
  • White, simple walls so that the focus is on the beautiful scenery from the windows.
  • The house is balanced and open with lots of room to create!


I didn't get quite all my sketches into vector form but these are most of them. This was my first time using a Wacom tablet and it was AWESOME! I realized when I was almost done it would have been way simpler to just use the Live Trace but I am am glad I got to practice on the tablet. It takes some getting used to!

These are not colored yet. I just wanted certain pieces to be different colors so that it is easier to change later. 

Looking forward to the next Phase!




Phase 3: Geometric Pattern

Here is my start to Phase 3! I am finding it hard to keep up but I am glad to have these benchmarks that keep pushing me.

I made these framed botanicals into a tile pattern:


This was also my first time playing with texture. I love how subtle it is on the background!!!


I also made a few coordinates with this little doodle I had:

(I wasn't sure how to clip the Artboard to fit just these four little images)


Custom Color Pallet:

I finally got color onto all the elements including the little carpet runners in the lower right corner. Not sure how I am going to use those just yet. I ended up using one of the Pantone libraries my Illustrator already had pre-loaded because I still cannot pull colors from images with the eyedropper tool. It will only pick up black for some reason. 





Phase 4: Diagonal Pattern

Here is my diagonal pattern! I learned a LOT with this one. It was challenging but the end product (I think) was super rewarding! I LOVE this one. I think it might be my favorite so far!! To me it gives me the essence of pretty shiplap walls and fantastic fines or greenery! 


Here are my final color combos!



Phase 5: Textured Pattern

I think I already experimented with creating lines and a texture in the patterns above. But here is another version using some of those techniques. I found a use for my runners! I think this is a fun little pattern. It makes me think of all the times I have laid out all my different runner/carpet options on the floor and started at the for hours trying to decide which one would me the best! :) I think it's a fun + quirky little print.


And here are the color combos!



Phase 6: Lined Patterns

For some silly reason this pattern really gave me trouble today. I started out trying to create a basket weave pattern but just could not get the lines to match up. So I went back to these lines that I created as a texture and created a plaid with them. I think they would be a great filler fabric for the collection! I really love the color combos I landed on!




I also created an extra print along with this little plaid. I think the little fiddle leaf fig leaves looks cute on top of the plaid. I don't think I would do this in any other color combos. I like it as a stand alone print!







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